Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Forget skydiving how about spacediving!

Imagine that you are sixty miles above the surface of the earth and you are out in the open on the deck of a small rocket. Outside of you suit is a freezing vacuum. You unstrap yourself from the deck and are told to jump. You dive into the nothingness, you see the whole earth laid out before you and you are rushing at it faster than any human has gone without a vehicle, almost 2,500 mph. As you begin to get into thicker atmosphere you slow down to a tame 120 mph. You pull your drogue (stability) chute to save yourself from an uncontrolled spin. After seven full minutes of exhilarating free fall you pull the main chute and drift slowly to the ground. This trip was dangerous yet amazing, your ship could have been hit by debris from space or you could have been hit! There are many dangerous variables that come into play, but the sheer thrill and unprecedented adrenaline rush is pushing two veterans of the space industry to make this crazy idea a reality. Jumping out of a space ship could serve as an escape plan as well as a sport. Wow I would love to do this if it was somewhat safe. Hopefully this idea will be tested and possibly put into action in the near future to be able to save astronauts lives from an out of control ship or to be the time of their lives. Only time will tell.

The Fool

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Bob Johnson said...

That is so cool! Love to try it, once they get it perfected,lol.