Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mars Spirit and Opportunity Rovers

Here is a recent video taken by the Spirit Mars Rover after weeks of driving with a broken wheel a s it finally rounded "Home Plate," a north facing slope that is a step in Spirit's path of tracking the sinking winter sun as it goes through Mars' northern sky.

And to think that both Spirit and Opportunity were originally meant to only be 90 day missions. NASA surely gets some things right. The Opportunity Rover has been making some interesting discoveries in the geology of Mars lately, here are some pictures and a link

This is a recent picture taken by the Opportunity Rover and here are some more similar pictures and summarys:
The Fool


Rick said...

The Mars rovers certainly were impressive in their longevity. But what about Viking? When I heard it was about the corss termination shock, I'd totally forgot those things were still operational!

The Fool said...

Yea I can't believe that Voyager 2 is about to get out of the heliosphere, aka cross the termination shock, the only thing left after it passes this will be the heliopause, then it will be completely out of the solar system and into then galaxy.

4rx said...

It doesn't looks like Mars. It is more like an almost desert area in any place on earth.

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