Thursday, January 22, 2009

Despite Financial/Political Difficulties NASA Constellation Engineers Move Forward

Never mind all of the controversy and confusion surrounding NASA's budget, their new leader and the possible delays for the shuttle retirement; I have some good news for you!  NASA's engineers working on the Constellation program are actually making some serious progress.

Ares I-X, the code name for the first Ares rocket to be tested, will lift off from Kennedy Space Center early this summer. It should climb to around 25 miles (40.2 km) in a two-minute powered test of the first stage and its recovery system. The test is meant to find out if there are any basic design flaws that need to be fixed before the more complex components are added to the rocket.  This just goes to show that no matter how powerful the computers and simulations are these things just have to be tested the old fashion way.

There are countless teams and individuals working on this project and if this test is a successful it will help immeasurably in boosting moral and renewing faith in the whole Constellation program.  Not to mention it will help keep it on track for the Design Review scheduled for 2010.

Here is the base of the Ares rocket being put together in Virginia's Langley Research Center.

This picture gives a good perspective of the size of the rocket and what it should look like as it gets closer to completion.

And here are a quick video of NASA in the Inaugural Parade with Barack smiling (which hopefully is a good sign for NASA!)


Thanks for reading!
The Fool


RocketMan said...

Interesting post, hopefully NASA will keep up the progress and not give up just because of the possibiliy of cutting funding.

Bob Johnson said...

Exciting, but let see if they can manage to keep on track, moslty political if they can continue to get funds is the key.

Swubird said...


I would love to believe that this thing will ever get off the launch pad, but I seriously doubt it. By the time the democrats finish giving away our last penny, serious US space exploration will be a distant memory. Meanwhile, the Japanese, the Chinese and the Europeans will be planting rose gardens on Mars.

But keep the dream alive.

Happy trails.

The Fool said...

Yea Bob I agree, it is almost completely political and the funding is vital to the survival of NASA.

The Fool said...

Hey Swu, yea NASA isn't doing too well and I don't think that any government effort is really the future, what is really going to be big is the private sector, but NASA still plays a very important role in inspiration for young rocket scientists and engineers, so I sure hope that they stay on their feet for a bit longer.

NiteSkyGirl said...

Wow you have a great website!

spacepoint said...

I think this is the way to go. Space exploration could represent a turning point in history, our history.

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SWUBIRD said...

The Fool:

Thank you so much for this good news. I was afraid that Obama would spend all our hard-earned money and that NASA would go by the wayside. I am still worried, but lets hope that Ares goes off well and stimulates the President to give more money to this essential endeavor.

Great post.

Happy trails.

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