Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Day in Space

Well I found a good deal of interesting stories today so I thought that I would just give a brief summary of all of them with links to the main article.

I found one article on UniverseToday.com that really intrigued me. The story is about the idea of a one man, no return mission to Mars. This one man mission would be much more technologically feasible than the normal mission because it wouldn't require a return rocket and they would need supplies for only one person. The man who came up with the idea, former NASA engineer Jim McLane, believes such an event would unify the world as never before. I don't think that finding volunteers for such a mission would be too hard, and the mission wouldn't be a suicide mission, the astronaut would have supplies sent to the Mars camp site in advance and more people could be sent every 26 months. Also a man and woman could be sent together as a futuristic Adam and Eve. I wish NASA or any space organization would at least consider this idea, I think that it would captivate the whole world and motivate a new generation of astro/cosmo/taikonauts.

Virgin Galactic has leaked a bit of information about their future SpaceShipThree (SS3). SS3, though nothing is set in stone yet, is planed to be a hypersonic point-to-point vehicle. This would provide a rapid trans-Atlantic trip or the frequent London, England to Sydney, Australia journey. Virgin envisions a 2012 time frame for detailed SS3 work to begin on SS3. SS3 will most likely begin if and when SS2 is successful. It seems like a good idea to me, very very quick travel to distant points, I don't see much wrong with that.

You have probably heard of the Rocket Racing League ( RRL) and they, along with the City of Las Cruces, have finally broken ground on the RRL Aerospace Business Park, two hangers at the east end of Las Cruces International Airport will be the first step of construction and should be done by May. The RRL Aerospace Business Park will serve as the headquarters for the RRL and with more than 300 acres of development planned, the business park will not only serve the RRL industry but will evolve into a destination location for fans visiting an RRL museum, Hall of Fame, education centers and other attractions.

Also if you haven't seen or read about it yet, here is the Martian avalanche that was caught on camera while it actually happened.

Thanks for reading today, I hope that I had some stories of interest for you. Just leave me a comment if you need to know more or have anything to say.

Picture Source: Wikipedia.org

The Fool


Bob Johnson said...

Love the little tidbits, I also think the one man no return to Earth is a great idea.

The Fool said...

Yea Bob I really think that this type of mission to Mars is feasible and could be a tribute to the human spirit of exploration.

The Fool

Swubird said...


One man mission to Mars - where do I sign up? I agree that there wouldn't be any shortage of volunteers. It may seem like a crazy suicide mission, but I think there'd be plenty of people jumping at the chance to walk across the red planet. But those supplies better arrive on time, because if they don't - so long sucker!

Very good post.

The Fool said...

Yea Swubird I think it was be amazing to be the first person to walk across Mars. You woulnd't have to worry about supplies, all that would be in place before you even got there, you just better make darn sure that you land in the right spot.

The Fool

Max-e said...

Hi, been having a busy time and am doing some catch up.
Interesting snippets you have here.
The one way ticket to Mars sounds like an interesting prospect. However, as man is a social being a few compatible souls should make the first trip. I would not volunteer, the old army principle still holds good, but I am sure there would be no shortage of volunteers.

stay fit said...

A day in space is wonderful be one day in space cause be in no gravity flying will be amazing .

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Oh my god, there's so much worthwhile information here!

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