Saturday, February 2, 2008

NASA Constellation Program Part 1: Overview

I thought that I would do a little series on NASA's Constellation Program just to inform thouse who don't know too much about it, and to update those who are keeping track of this project's progress. So to start off this post will be an overview of the whole program and then I will go into more depth on its individual parts in later posts and add updated information as it comes in.

The main purpose of the Constellation program is to design and build the spacecraft for America's next generation of human spaceflight. The program's current projects are the Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles, the Orion crew capsule, the Earth Departure Stage and the Altair lunar lander. Once completed these spacecraft will be able to perform all of America's duties in space such as supplying the ISS, and hopefully landing on the Moon and eventully Mars.
The main goals of the NASA's Constellation program are to keep an American presence in suborbital space, to return to the moon and hopefully establish an outpost, to prepare to explore Mars and possibly get humans there by 2050.
The development of this program was started politically by the Vision for Space Exploration which George Bush proposed in 2004. This Vision has good intentions and should keep NASA busy, though I would imagine, and almost hope, that private companies exceed NASA's unambitious goals.
But to me the Constellation program is interesting and has a good bit of potential so I will continue this series with the next part being on the Orion crew exploration vehicle.
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Bob Johnson said...

Hey the fool, I love this whole program, got me excited, I have posted about it quite awhile ago, looking forward to your upcoming posts.

The Fool said...

Hey Bob, I'm really interested in this project also, though I am kinda bummed out by the lack of news about it now, so I thought that I would spread some news about it myself.

The Fool

Swubird said...

The Fool:

Great post. I haven't been following the Constellation Project as closely as I should have, so this is a good way for me to keep up. Good job!

One thing. If the Democrats win the presidency, how do you think it will affect the Constellation Program?

May the Force be with you.

Gaetano Marano said...


I've not so much info about Constellation (that seems change every day...) but you can find many ESAS' alternative views and opinions here:


PS - do you want to exchenge a blogroll link with ghostNASA ?


The Fool said...

Well Swubird I would hope that the Constellation program would stay the same or get a bonus in funding. Though I have heard some rumors that some people want to cut down on manned missions and continue the robotic missions. Though I am pretty sure that the program will stay the same.

The Fool said...

Yea Gaetano I really liked your site and I would deffinetly exchange links with you. I already put yours up. Hey very interesting article on the Ares vibrations.

The Fool

gaetano marano said...

thank you for the link to ghostNASA
to-day I've put your link on my blog


The Fool said...

Yea no problem Gaetano, and thank you for the link also.

The Fool

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But to me the Constellation program is interesting and has a good bit of potential so I will continue this series with the next part being on the Orion crew exploration vehicle.

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