Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some Interesting NASA News

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days but I was shredding up the ski slopes and didn't have access to the Internet. But anyway, I am back.

Today I am going to report on some NASA news. To start with NASA has hopefully fixed the fuel sensor problem that has grounded the Space Shuttle since Dec 6, 2007. NASA Engineers have traced the problem back to a loose electrical plug in circuits that carry the signal from the sensors, through the bottom wall of the orange external tank, to the shuttle computers. Their solution of soldering the prongs of the plug to the sockets to ensure a good path for the electrical signal, should hopefully do the trick and keep the shuttle on track for the February 7th launch date. The technicians haven't found what caused the plug to become loose and though this worries them it won't stop the launch. Atlantis will carry an ESA payload named "Columbus." The shuttle has been delaying many other planned launches to the ISS so hopefully it will get off the ground this time, I guess we will see.

And in other news NASA officials are trying to develop a NASA-based Massive Multiplayer Online that is something like Second Life, but with a space and astronomy spin. They hope to have the official report on the idea by Feburary 15th with proposals coming out in March. The game could really be something with a great deal of educational value and it could actually accomplish something if it got large amounts of motivated scientists together where they would be able to experiment and develop ideas that NASA could use. Some people think the game could be a little dry and John over at WIRED suggests that they add space orcs for a little action, and I can't say that that is such a bad idea. Well I hope that NASA brings this idea into reality, or at least virtual reality. I would imagine that it could be quite enjoyable Only time will tell.

The Fool


Bob Johnson said...

Hopefully this time they will launch. The game sounds very cool, thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

On this anniversary of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster I want to share a link I found with you. God bless our brave astronauts.