Sunday, January 13, 2008

Barack Obama and Outer Space

I have been browsing around lately and I read a post over at and in a post by Darnell at about Barack Obama's space policy. The source for both of the is .

Obama has been much more supportive of NASA and its needs than many of his opponents. SpaceRef says that Obama supports development of the Ares 1 and Orion, completion of the ISS, robotic space exploration, and climate change research. Obama has said that he would talk with other nations about the need to stop space weaponization and work together. One subject that Obama was weak on in his recent statement in SpaceRef is actual human exploration, he focuses more on robotic and research missions. This disappoints me a little, though progress is progress and as long things are being done that is good. One other presidential candidate that may bring good news for the space community is John McCain who says that he would like to bring humans to space as soon as possible. This is a developing story and I will report on it as more news comes out. It is up to the space community to make space an important issue in politics.

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