Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Galaxy's Double Halo is Found

There wasn't too much NewSpace or human-space news today so I thought that I would inform you on some current astronomy topics.

It has recently been found that our Milky Way Galaxy has two distinct halos that rotate in different directions. The inner halo is made up of two parts. The first division is the huge and densely packed core, aka galactic center, where stars rotate around the black hole center at nearly 500,000 mph. The second division is the spiraling are that we live in. These arms behave similarly to the arms of a hurricane, they rotate at a less intense 50,000 mph. This part astronomers aleady knew. The second and recently discovered outer halo covers a much larger volume of space and contains many fewer stars yet strangley it spins at a nearly 100,000 mph. Scientists have decided that the two halos formed a different times and have found that the inner halo's stars are made up of much heavier elements such as iron and calcium which of course make good sense. This finding adds to the theory that the galaxy was made over a great deal of time, slowly taking up smaller galaxies. It also adds to the already known fact that we still have a lot to learn.

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